Unfold Me | A Memoir by Deirdre Maloney

• • •

After multiple breakdowns while managing bi-polar disorder, four kids, and trying to keep up the visage she had created, Deirdre finally felt the world crashing down on her. The skeletons in her closet were on the attack, and if she didn’t deal with her past, it was going to deal with her.


Sexual abuse, rape, and underage prostitution are only the beginning of Deirdre Maloney’s story. She digs into her darkest secrets to release the relentless thoughts of not being good enough.


Unfold Me is a lesson on self-acceptance in the deepest way. Deirdre believes we must face the darkest parts of ourselves to be wholehearted. Walking through the fire of difficult emotions is the only way to move forward.


The unfolding of one woman who felt so much shame for the life she lead as a young adult will help you to connect with a side of yourself that will bring you home.

• • •

Coming 2020