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Hey, I’m Deirdre, and I'm extremely happy that you've found my blog! 


I’m here to share my journey of healing and self love after experiencing many traumas in my life. This blog is for anyone who has ever felt alone, not good enough or has struggled to find his or her own way.























     I started writing as a therapeutic way of connecting with my feelings       and it’s become a real passion!



Writing has allowed me to take down a wall that I had put up to protect myself a very long time ago. This invisible barricade was not serving me anymore and was, in fact, causing some serious communication breakdowns in my marriage.

I have embraced many forms of self-care and therapy and I will be documenting my thoughts and “ah ha” moments here. I like sharing about my interactions with others and how I read into them, relationship problem solving, and how I’ve managed to create the life of my dreams against many odds and with very little formal education.

I am part of a weekly women’s support group where I have come to find the courage to release the secrets of my past. This unfolding of myself in group went so well that I want more. I was floored that others carried so much shame and pain and that we were all essentially hiding our true selves in fear of not being accepted in our communities. Releasing my darkest secrets has brought light(ness}, peace, love, and self-acceptance into my life. I’m wondering if I share my pain and struggles with you all, will it help you feel less alone and more connected?

This has been my experience so far and I wish for it to continue. So, slowly, I will write it all here for you to see. I have learned that things aren’t always as they seem and the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ is so very true. We all carry insecurities, no matter what path we are walking; it’s real and it’s painful. I hope to help ease the pain of others with my story.

Please join me on this journey. I would love to hear from you and about your journey as well. Comments and questions are always welcome.

Be Well Friends!


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