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  • Deirdre Maloney


Jon and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary this week. Looking back from the start of our relationship up to this point, it has been a roller coaster of a ride. I have decided to do a fitness-themed month, and our relationship fits right into that. Jon and I met at the gym and, funny enough, we both belonged to 2 gyms at the same time. We first laid eyes on each other at Extreme Fitness in Thornhill when I was 25. I was working there as a Personal Trainer and Jon was a member. I had a boyfriend at the time who also worked at the gym and we would spend our afternoon break together working out. At 25, I had gained control over my weekend party habits and started attending therapy regularly. I also started taking medication for a mild case of bipolar disorder that was wreaking havoc on my life. A few months into the medication I was feeling amazing and completely in control of my life. I dumped the boyfriend after finally accepting that he was not on board with my dreams and desires for the future. In no way was I going to settle. At first, it was tough trying to work together and avoid each other while making it look like none of it bothered me. Having the same scheduled workout time was hard because he started working out with other girls at every chance, and even though I was the one that ended it, my ego still felt hurt.

I can still vividly remember the first time I waved and smiled at Jon. He was entering the gym floor, I had already broken up with the boyfriend, and we caught each other’s glance. He looked a little taken back as I had never been friendly with him before, but I was starting a new beginning and wanted to put positive vibes out into the world.

I decided to join a new gym and would leave Extreme during my break to go train at Good Life Fitness in Hillcrest Mall. After a few weeks of working out there, I saw Jon on the gym floor; he was the first face I'd recognized since joining and I flagged him down like a crazy lady. “HEY, hey! Do you recognize me? I work at Extreme, I’ve seen you there!” I was so excited to have someone to talk to! He played it very cool, although I later found out that he'd had a HUGE crush on me for the past year.

Eventually, I started an office job and left Extreme Fitness and the boyfriend in my rearview mirror. Jon and I spent the next 6 months seeing each other a few times per week at the gym when one winter day, he was telling me about his snowboarding adventures. I had been an avid skier growing up and was really curious about trying snowboarding, and also dying to go out on a date with him! I told him I wanted to give it a try and he responded with “we should go together sometime". My opportunity for a date landed right in my lap. “How about this Friday?” I asked. That was that. We had the perfect first date and it is still so memorable for both of us. He picked me up and we went to Snow Valley. He bought me a lesson as I had no clue what I was doing, which I thought was the sweetest thing. Later we stopped for dinner at Kelsey’s and starting sharing our life’s dreams. I couldn’t believe how similar our goals were. Honestly, I think we fell in love on that first date; we were and still are full of so much hope and authenticity. Within a month we had booked the most romantic vacation in Whistler B.C. for a week of snowboarding and romantic dinners. We have been inseparable ever since. Fitness has been a foundation in our marriage. When things have gotten strained over the years, we turn to it to help us reconnect. Between running, triathlon, cycling, and yoga, it’s always been there for us to find common ground.

Do you workout with your partner?

Be Well Friends.

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