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Wellness is on everyone’s mind right now. How do we stay safe, healthy, and find moments of happiness during such uncertain times? You may be feeling stressed, fearful, and anxious right now, and that is totally normal. Learning to navigate these feelings in a healthy way is so important and works much better than numbing with food, TV, or recreational drugs and alcohol.

One of my good friends, Emilie Pavey, is a Wellness Warrior Coach who helps people gain fitness, create better eating habits, and cultivate healthier lifestyles. One of my favourite quotes of hers is, “Focus on what we can control.” Things that we can control may include what we eat, how we move our bodies, and the type of content we consume on social media, the news, or in blogs, vlogs, and books.

If you are at home right now, this is a great time to set up a fitness routine. Emilie and I agree on these three essential habits to make sure you stay motivated:

1. Set the intention to workout.

When you get into bed at night, take a few moments to set your intentions for the following day. I like to say something like this, “I intend to get up early tomorrow to get my workout done. I intend to feel energized and motivated. I intend to wake up immediately and put my best effort forward”.

2. Do your workout first thing in the morning.

If you don’t have your routine established, getting it done early in the day is optimal for success. As the day goes on, it gets easier and easier to skip or put off to the next day. Don’t let this happen. Get up and get 'er done! Tip number three will definitely help ;)

3. Set out your clothing and shoes the night before.

Lay them right on your bedside table so that as soon as you wake up, they are in plain sight. This is a physical reminder of the intention you set the previous night. I will sometimes even add a resistance band on the pile as a reminder of the type of workout I have planned.

Exercise can help you manage anxiety and stress, and is the perfect outlet for pent up fear and frustration. I would encourage you to try something new as well. YouTube is full of videos for resistance training, yoga, Pilates, dance, stretching, and more!

Also, get outside! Use your yard if you have one or hit the streets, maintaining your distance from others. Walk, run, jog, squat, or lunge your way through your area. Drink up the fresh air, hug a tree for some grounding, and get some vitamin D from the beautiful sun. Being outside will elevate your mood. I love being out and seeing how everything in nature is thriving, it makes me feel really happy. Life is thriving all around you, you just have to take notice.

I also firmly believe that we need to be careful with our energy; this is always true, but especially now. The news can be informative, but watching it multiple times per day can really drain you. Setting limits on how much content we consume is essential. Try not to watch things that put you into a funk. Find yourself some inspiring podcasts, blogs, and books to fill in any time you find yourself getting sucked into the news or mindlessly scrolling through social media. I’m currently reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama (ah-mazing!), and listening to The Ryan Holtz, and Brene Brown Podcasts. Definitely check them out!

On social media, I like to follow inspiring accounts like The Wellness Warrior Coach. You can find her on IG @thewellnesswarriorcoach_live and on Facebook at Wellness Warrior Coach. She’s always posting new, inspiring workouts that are easy to follow along at home with no equipment!

Last but not least, eat as much fresh food as you can. Incorporating raw veggies will make you feel energized. Try to get as many colours as possible on your plate, with a significant focus on those leafy greens. Increase the happiness in your life with good nutrition, exercise, and nature.

Be Well and Move that Body!

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