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Are we ever truly alone? I know I have felt desperately lonely at different points of my life. As a young child, I spent a lot of time by myself and feeling lonely. This carried through into adulthood, and even when I was married with three kids and a 4th living inside of me, I felt

alone. For people that currently have depression or have suffered from depression in the past, loneliness is REAL. There is an unshakeable feeling that no one truly loves you, or has your back. It can even go as far as feeling like people are out to get you and want to cause you harm. It’s terrifying and lonely.

I’m incredibly grateful that I have found a deep spirituality during my healing journey. With this, I have learned that we are never alone. For me, spirituality has given me a feeling of Oneness with the Universe and with my fellow humans. When you feel loneliness and are suffering in

the dark, all you need, is to reach out and step into the light. We live on a planet with billions of other people, and many are willing to help others raise their vibration and offer friendship.

In the last few months, I have been working on strengthening my belief in Universal energy. I’ve been doing a lot of prayer, meditation, and looking for small miracles and omens in everyday life. When I come across these omens, it gives me such a beautiful feeling of Oneness and connection to something greater than myself that brings me peace, joy, and gratitude.

Recently, I asked the Universe for an omen of a butterfly to let me know that I was on the right path, both with my writing and the direction I was heading with my cycling team. It’s fall and the chances of seeing one were small. Still, butterflies are my totem animal, and I usually see them everywhere. I was expecting to see one right away. It wasn’t showing up, and I was getting anxious.

It took four days before I saw the first of two omens of the butterfly. The first one was a sharp visual image of a butterfly during a breath workshop. I closed my eyes, and a large blue butterfly was sitting in my third eye; it was extraordinarily vivid and surrounded in black. It was

very prominent, but I wondered if I had somehow created it because I wanted to see it so badly. Then I had the sensation of pure, loving energy swirling around me, and I felt as though the Universe was in my chest. I had a feeling of Oneness, and this was my sign. I genuinely believe that my spirit guides were swirling their energy around me, letting me know that, yes, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. It was so beautiful.

My second butterfly came to me a week later at a time when I was least expecting it. I was standing in line at the drugstore. I had stopped to pick up some children’s Advil for my son, who was sick. I was thinking about my fears around money and how they were irrational. I had an envelope with $200 sitting in it on my kitchen counter for over a week. I thought

if I were really hard-up for money, I would have deposited that, but I had practically forgotten about it. I confirmed that I needed to release this fear and believe that money would always be abundant. I heard the cashier ask the customer in front of me if they would like to make a

donation to the local women’s shelter, and they said no. I thought, “they’re scared about money.” I was next up, and when asked to donate, I said yes and offered double what I normally would thinking I would pay for the women ahead of me that had declined. I told myself that I have an abundance of wealth; it is my obligation to support my community. The cashier gave me a card to sign, one they would hang on the wall, and it was a butterfly! Joy rushed over me; I knew this was the Universe confirming that to receive, we must give. My spirit was lifted, and I fell into the warm embrace of this beautiful energy exchange. Oneness; never alone. If you can open your heart to believe in something bigger than yourself (some people refer to this as God, Source, The Universe, or even Higher Self), you will never be alone.

One way to get closer to a sense of Oneness, if you are curious, is to practice gratitude. Write, think, or speak about what you are grateful for in your life. This connects you to the high vibration energy of The Universe. Try speaking to The Universe or God, and ask for what you

desire, or for an omen. The first image or numbers that come to your mind will be your omen. This has brought me so much comfort in my life. I hope you are encouraged to give it a try. Do you have a totem animal or seek omens? I would love to hear about it.

Be Well.

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