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It’s party time this week! I have been waiting for over a year for my book to launch, and now we are in the final week! I feel like I’ve been training for an ultra marathon, one that exercises your emotional state and strength.

So, how did this all come about anyway? Well, I started writing my story in group therapy; it was an exercise to release our story. One of the facilitators gave us the writing prompt ‘there once was a little girl,’ and asked us to share whatever came to mind. Well, it all came pouring out; buckets and buckets of trauma. Before I knew it, I had a few thousand words. I had enough material for two chapters in a book. Maybe I should write a book, I thought to myself. Could I? Do I have the courage to face the fear of judgement by my community, my family?

Questions swirled around in my mind, hitting on nerves that screamed no.  Doubts arose weekly, and reasons why I shouldn’t, but there was a deep calling from within to move forward with the project. No matter how many nights I lay awake terrified, I kept writing. There was an inner force pushing me, and a yearning stirred for my voice to be heard. When a child is abused and neglected, they can’t trust anyone, including themselves. My voice disappeared, along with my confidence and self love a long time ago.

As I witnessed the destruction of my childhood on paper, great waves of release came. Abused, lonely, scared, addicted, shamed, as I wrote, I released it all. Like writing words in the sand and then having the waves wash them away, as though they didn’t belong. I understand that my story will always be with me and that at times it will bring me great sadness, but there is a new sense of peace. Feeling like I had to hide my story to be accepted was heavy, like a wet blanket suffocating me slowly. Whatever the alternative was to covering it up couldn’t be worse than that. I refused to carry the shame any longer.

Here we are; Unfold Me ~ Unfold Layers of Your Wounded Heart and Begin Living Your Dream Life, is born. This feels like a rebirth for me. Finally, unfolding layers of myself that I have been waiting for years to shed. I stand tall and steady, ready to share my work in the hope of touching the hearts of many.

I’m also excited to share my new website with you! I’ve been working on rebranding, new logos, and this new site will showcase the many projects that I have on the go. Up next is my plant-based cookbook: Unfolding in the Kitchen, which will launch in January 2021 along with a course on cultivating more healthy habits that involve yoga/exercise, meditation, simple plant based recipes with tutorial videos, and holistic healing modules. There is this excellent quote that I have been saying to myself a lot through this process, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” We need to release ourselves from fear to move forward. Letting go of our worries that we will be judged or made fun of is not easy because yes, it may happen. When I think about this, I’m reminded of something Gary Vee says, and it’s along the lines of, “no one that is more successful than you will ever talk down to you about what you’re doing.” I believe this to be true! They are too busy with their own hustle to worry about it. So that means anyone who is talking shit is beneath you, so their opinion does not matter.

Let’s get back to the party! The book launch is happening on Saturday October 24th, at 7:30 pm live on Facebook and YouTube! I have two amazing guest speakers: Jordana Goldlist, one of Canada’s top criminal lawyers, an amazing speaker, and my very good friend who has known me for 25 years! And Emily O’Brien, a former convict turned social entrepreneur, will be sharing some of her story as well. Emcee for the night will be my good friend Cecillia Tement, an author and life coach. You can find more info on my instagram account, Facebook page, or at!

See you on the other side of fear!

Be Well.

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