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In my 39.5 years here on earth, I have learned that True Power is control over my thoughts and feelings. Once I learned to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones, it changed my life. Sometimes feelings of anger, sorrow, and frustration are incredibly valid: I believe in allowing yourself to feel them with the understanding that it will be temporary and a great learning experience. We have to accept that we are all wired with a wide range of emotions; we also have to realize that a lot of the time, we let the negative feelings get the best of us when we do have a choice. We all have a physical signal letting us know that our thoughts are not in the best place. For me, it’s a funny feeling in my tummy. A stirring, nervous, gnawing feeling. When I get this sensation, I know its time to ward off the impulse to hide or lash out.

Refusing to give in to this deep-rooted flight-or-fight response is True Power. I would be lying if I told you I was able to do so every time. We have these negative feelings or energies inside demanding our attention at times. It’s power to control us is undeniable.

However, we do have the ability to disengage from the impulse. This can be done by acknowledging the thoughts and emotions and moving through them, rather than blocking, shutting down, or getting caught up in the storm. Blocking it means that you stuff it all away and decide not to deal with it at all, though it never stays down forever; eventually it’s going to surface. Shutting down is when you collapse entirely. For me, this has meant isolating myself, shutting down all positive thoughts and feelings, and pushing people away. Getting involved can be ugly too. This is when you follow the dark rabbit hole; entertaining all of the fears and anxiety as if you didn’t have a choice. The great news is that we always have a choice. Speaking up and sharing your struggles helps keep you out of the rabbit hole. I find that as soon as I write or speak of my troubles, their insurmountability becomes bearable and less daunting. Letting stuff sit, stew, and swim around inside of us makes it all 100 times worse.

One of my favourite ways to regain my power over my thoughts and feelings is through meditation. I’ve been meditating on a regular basis for over a year, and one of my favourite ways of clearing thoughts in practice is the “Welcome to the party” statement. This phrase was used during one of my guided meditations a while back. As the ideas came in during practice, you are asked to acknowledge and welcome them to the thought party! I really connected to this and use it during the day with thoughts that do not serve me well. I literally say, “Welcome to the party” and shuffle them across to join the other thoughts that are mingling in the corner of my mind.

We really need to get out of our heads, and meditation is a great way to do this. Learning to turn off our monkey brains and stopping the negative chatter from seeping in is harnessing your true power.

Controlling what thoughts you have is the key to success. Knowing that we all have negative thinking patterns and understanding that we can control what we do with those thoughts is a game-changer.

Another way to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts is to have a list of things that make you happy. Maybe it’s your family, an event that filled your heart with joy, or an accomplishment that you are proud of. Music and dancing are also very powerful. Put on your favourite song and sing along. I’ll even dance when there is no music playing at times when I’m frustrated or angry and make up my own tune in my head. Yoga is excellent as well and is another form of meditation. When in practice, we have to focus on the alignment of our bodies as well as our breath. This leaves no space in the mind for reckless thought conversations.

Lastly, being honest, transparent, and authentic is a display of True Power. You command respect and show leadership skills that people will admire when you live by these traits.

What are some of the ways you create True Power in your own life?

Be Well Friends.

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