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The one time you want to relinquish power, it’s to the Universe. The Universe can be referred to in many different ways; some say God or even Source. It’s whatever you believe to be all-powerful and put your trust in despite not being able to see it in any form. To trust the Universe, you must believe that all outcomes are the most beneficial, even when it may not be exactly as you wish. As long as you are sending out clear signals to the Universe on what you want in your life, it will respond accordingly.

When we send our desires to the Universe, it is essential to release the urge to control the outcome. Fixating on the outcome does not allow you to fully trust that the Universe will give you what you are asking for. Letting go of the end result and believing that any outcome will be the best outcome, is the final step in manifestation. Dream, Believe, Release.

The bigger our dreams are, the harder this is to do. I’ve recently had to do this with the outcome of writing my book. Once I took away the expectations of what will happen when I finish writing it, I felt a massive sense of freedom and motivation in getting it done. I’ve pictured my book finished, published, and circulating with great popularity. Now, I will not fixate on it by getting attached to that outcome. I know that if the book weren’t as successful as I imagined it would be, that it would be because the Universe is aligning something much better for me and that it will still be a magnificent learning experience.

Sometimes the fear of not getting the outcome that we desire can prevent us from trying to achieve the goal. Fear is a dangerous state of mind. It’s quite rare that we truly need to feel fear, while at one time, there were plenty of reasons. At the beginning of human existence, we needed to be afraid of wild animals and not having enough food to eat or water to drink. Now, in first world countries, all of these fears are generally unnecessary. Because of this, our mind projects fear onto experiences that don’t benefit from it. Fear can stop you from living your best life; it also doesn’t allow you to see the best in everything, especially certain outcomes.

Knowing that fear is an emotion that everyone can experience for the wrong reasons is beneficial too. Feeling like others understand what you are going through really helps to normalize our struggles and help us not to feel so alone. Whenever I share my fears with my husband or friends, I feel so much better. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. Fears can often seem much more significant and overwhelming when we keep them to ourselves. At night in bed, I will sometimes share my fears with my husband even though I know he’s pretty much asleep, and I still feel better having spoken them out loud. The act of releasing fear through speech or writing is very therapeutic. We need to remember that it will pass, especially when we allow ourselves to recognize it, acknowledge it, and accept it as a regular experience.

Feeling like others understand what you are going through really helps to normalize our struggles and help us not to feel so alone.

When fear arises, we need to turn it off as though it were a switch. Imagine that, a visible switch in your mind, clearly labelled FEAR on the top and OFF on the bottom. Imagine the switch is in the upright position, pointing up at FEAR. Then picture yourself flipping the switch to OFF. This may work with some things, but I have a long way to go before the switch metaphor is going to work on my big dreams. With these, I’m going to lean back on the Universe; I’m going to trust in its grace and believe that it fully supports all of my dreams and desires.

Be Well.

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