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  • Deirdre Maloney


People are often surprised at how much I do. I seem to have a finger in multiple pots. They wonder how do I fit it all in, sometimes I wonder this myself! It’s not just the time it takes, for me the challenge is more in the mental energy it takes. Juggling 3 of 4 kids that are home with me, a dog, homeschooling, writing a book, training for competitive cycling, yoga, meditation, run a cycling team, co-found women’s healing circles…well, you get the point.

I believe that all of this “doing” has helped me create the success I have in my life. I also believe it is very important to constantly try new things. Why is it, that once most people hit a certain age they stop trying new things? Stress, tired, money unavailable…these are all valid excuses, but why excuse yourself from life? Pursuing a new activity may in fact reduce a persons stress; I know yoga, meditation, and cycling do that for me. They will also most likely help someone to feel less tired. Yoga and meditation can also be done for free, with Internet accessible at everyone’s fingertips you don’t even have to leave home. You can join groups for free or even start your own! I have done this to save money myself!  Losing our desire to grow seems to happen to most people, we let the world begin to dictate our lives to us instead of harnessing our own power and creating lives that we love.

Trying New Things can most definitely be scary, I totally get it. I believe it is so important to our well being that we do not allow fear to control us. Decisions made based on irrational fear, which a lot of our fears are, is crippling. It will put you into a mental prison that becomes harder to escape as it becomes more integrated. I believe most people would be surprised to know that thinking of doing something that scares you is WAY worse than just doing it. Our mind will twist it all up and have it taken in every direction of what might or might not happen. Doing is the only way of truly knowing how it’s going to turn out. Don’t let that wandering mind of yours scare you out of your next adventure.

Trying New Things can also be exciting and will light you up! How many times have you thought to yourself “I would love to do that but I don’t have time”? Or “I will try that after I accomplish this”? These are stalling tactics; you are quite possibly giving yourself an “out” so that you don’t have to take a chance. I’m guilty of this 100%! I do it all of the time. I also catch myself doing it and can usually turn it around. My husband is great on calling me out for these “excuses”, he knows me so well ;)

There was a time when I wouldn’t do much on my own. I always needed someone with me so that I could feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Reaching out to the world on my own to find a new sense of belonging has been exhilarating. It’s helped me grow so much and has helped me build so much confidence that I wanted to share with you in hopes that you would get out there and get out of your comfort zone.  Volunteering is another great way to try new things and it’s free! I highly recommend getting involved in some type of group. For example I am a part of a plant based dragon boat team. People can always join the team to help out with fundraising projects and join the social events, they don’t have to row if it’s not their cup of tea. I’m sure many grassroots projects are looking for wonderful people to join! It’s changed my life for sure!

Has trying something new changed your life?

Be Well.

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